New covenant/ love covenant

Apostle Sergio Enríquez.

One of the things that we have to understand is that our Lord is a God of covenants and He has done many.  We can see along the Bible that He has done covenants with  humanity, God did one with Noah.  After the flood He did a covenant and God said He will put a signal. God told that He will never destroy the earth with water, He didn´t say that He won´t destroy the earth with floods, but what He said is that earth won´t be totally destroyed by a flood, but also Noah didn´t know that earth will be destroyed with fire because there is a baptism in waters and a baptism in fire.  The earth is still  missing a baptism in waters.


            At the same time, God did a covenant with Abraham and He also put a signal that was the circumcision.  God did many covenants with many people on earth, but He had also done covenants with the creations and the eternal creation is not the exception. Someone, who was very closed copied Him and started to deal with God´s creation by doing covenants, the iniquity which also hired Satan, this character  made covenants and these ones became like a kind of contracts.  A covenant is a bilateral contract in which the devil has to convince someone and, Satan convinced many creations, among them he convinced one third of the angels and he made deals/covenants with them that couldn´t be broken because one of the qualities or problems of a covenant is that cannot be broken.


            A man´s covenant cannot be broken and  more difficult to break a covenant with the Lord.  The Bible says that if a covenant is done to  God, it would be better that you have not done one because if it is  not accomplished, it will become a trouble.  All covenants have conditions and there are different types of them such as:  bill of sale, agreement, rent, etc., but when we get deeper in relation to covenants, we have another one, marriage covenant, well it is a marriage bond, in here two persons are involved and sign in the presence of an attorney.


            There are many types of covenants, but there is one called, Love Covenant. This covenant doesn´t have any to do with Lucipher´s covenant because he never told the angels that he loves them, he should have offered  them something.  Satan told them to reveal against God and to take His throne.  Being the angels so intelligent how they could get into that trap?  They thought, we dethrone God and we remained alone in the universe.  It is a madness that angels have fallen in that trap because they were powerful entities and we were created less than angels, but we received the opportunity of being greater than them.


            After doing so many covenants, God comes and says that He will do a love covenant, but why?   Because it is a love bond and the Bible talks about bonds, The Lord said to Peter the apostle that he has to talk to a man who is in an iniquity bond, but later he told him to remain together, Ephesus 4, in an imperfect bond, but a peaceful one,  but as He says a perfect bond, which is the Love bond. 

What  is the Love Covenant?            To me Love Covenant is “love paid with love, and one day I will pay you”. This means that I will be in peace with you as long as you don´t bother me; we are going to be friends as long as you don´t owe me money; whenever we have settled accounts, we are going to have a peace bond.  That is not a perfect bond nor a love bond.  Nowadays many marriages have this problem; the enemy reaches their minds by saying:  if your couple has been unfaithful pay him/her the same way and that is not a love bond for sure.  What is a love bond?  I have been trying to understand what is this during the last 40 years and the idea of a love bond is:  “I love you, and if you fail me, I will still love you;  If you do it again,  I will still love you; not in the  way I should, but my covenant will remain intact for you.  Inclusively, God would send the enemy to destroy your body in order that your spirit gets saved, but God will continue loving you.  So the new covenant is that one God did with his wife that is why no one can participate of the Holy Supper if it is not a wife.


            The new covenant or love covenant proceeds from God´s heart.  It is  a covenant that comes from God´s heart and remains in the hearts of those who are in love of Him. Here is the genetic Mathew 26:28.  When the Lord is lifting the cup He is saying this cup, this means my blood, every time you are drinking the Holy Supper you will be invoking my blood, but what you will be invoking every time you do it is for  the forgiveness of sins of the many. Many are called but few are chosen.  Among the saved are:  Court yard=the many;  Holy place= the few;  Holy of holies= the less, the faithful ones.   Mathew 22:14 “For out of all to whom the good news has come, only a small number will get salvation.


            In the second coming of the Lord, He is not coming to get married because He already did, the ones who will come with Him are those who were called (the many), the few (the chosen), and the fewer (the faithful ones) so in His second coming we can say that the ones who are riding  the horses with Him are the few, the chosen,  and faithful ones because they filled  the three stages:  court yard, holy place, and holy of holies.  Why is this?  What it called my attention of this covenant is in Mathew 26:28  “Take of it, all of you, for this is my blood of the testament, which is given for men for the forgiveness of sins.” Without the blood we cannot pass to the Holy place and to the Holy of holies


            The Holy Supper helps us to get from the court yard to the holy place and this to the holy of holies.  That is why, in the old times, when the chief priest was taking the basin with blood he spread with his fingers seven times the court yard, then he entered the holy place and spread there, and he has to enter to the deepest part that was the holy of holies in the Day of Atonement in order to spread the three parts of the tabernacle, and we are the Lord´s Tabernacle this means that we have to spread it in our body, soul, and spirit.  The Bible says in 1st. of Peter that we have been predestinated in order to be spread with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.


            The new covenant is a love covenant.  There are  people  who don´t take the Holy Supper because they are sinners, probably got drunk, said profanity words, have failed, or saw pornography, but the truth is that the Holy Supper is for “the many”, for the ones of the court yard so they can pass to the holy place;  it is also for the ones who are in the holy place so they can pass to the holy of holies; and it is also for the ones who are in the holy of 

holies so they can become one in the Lord, but that no one  should not stop taking the Holy Supper on the contrary  everybody should take it and examine himself in order to see on what he has failed, Let him that thinks he stands, take heed lest he fall.  The Bible says examine yourself in order to see that the Lord truly lives in you.


            On the contrary, there are people who think they are worthy to take the Holy Supper and that they are impressive and irreproachable, but just by living with them for a week, we can see that they aren´t.  The book of James says that all of us offend God James 3:2 “For we all go wrong in a number of things.  If a man never makes a slip in his talk, then he is a complete man and able to keep all his body in control.”  Everybody offends and this means that we are not capable to control the rest of our body because we are not perfect.  If you are able to control sex may be you are unable to control your food habits, and if you do both, it could be that you cannot control gossiping.


            The Holy Supper is an opportunity for all of us who have offended; it is not a reward for the saints because nobody is one and we must understand that we offend sometimes with our presence and sometimes with the way we talk, and we must settle accounts in the Holy Supper because He said that  His spilled blood is the new covenant for the many, from the court yard,  so sins are forgiven.  When you come to Christ and accept Him you are forgiven, but here we are talking about a converted or a sinner who doesn´t want to take  the Holy Supper because he made sins.   God is giving him the opportunity among the many.


         Mathew 7:22 “A great number will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, were we not prophets in your name, and did we not by your name send out evil spirits, and by your name do works of power?” Do you know for what and for whom is the spilled blood?  It is for the many, and you know what comes after this verse, And then I will profess them, “ I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity,” but here He is giving them an opportunity because the spilled blood is for the many.  There are prophesies  in the church, some of these are a good one, a regular, or a bad one, and it may be that someone may be deceived, but God says that He is not going to kill that person that he won´t die,  but that He is going to give a second chance in order that he repents in the Holy Supper. The book of Revelations says, talking about Jezebel, “And I gave, Her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not”.  Nobody would have given an opportunity to Jezebel or Judas, but the Lord does, so who are we by not forgetting a person who repents if God does it, we shouldn´t judge because He doesn´t judge us.


            A great number will say to me on that day… this means  those who didn´t fear the Lord and prophesized out of the order of God,   did miracles, and took advantage of the miracle that the Lord  allowed them to do, and in the Holy Supper before the final judgment here is the blood for the forgiveness of sins of the ones who are  in the court yard, God gives the opportunity to repent before taking it in order repent. The love covenant gives you the opportunity.   

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