Builders of altars

Apóstol Sergio Enríquez.

It is wonderful to be gathered in the name of Jesus to praise and worship His name, and that we dispose our life to learn from God, reason why it is necessary that we recognize our condition of knowledge to be willing to receive the wisdom that comes from God ́s heart to ours. But we need to be aware that we don ́t know everything and that we need to know more of Him, which started when Jesus came into our heart, in that moment our spirit resuscitated and we started to learn from God in a gradual way, which means that there will always be something new to learn of God.

This is why we can ́t say that the Biblical canon of 66 books has all the knowledge of God, we can ́t say either that the Lord spoke only with the prophesies written in the Bible and that there is no more, actually it is necessary that we the next verse:

Joh 21:25 KJ2000 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

Let ́s remember that one of the reason why the Holy Ghost descended was to drive us to all truth, maybe there we could say that to all revelation because He is the who us can reveal us the mysteries of God and if we are willing to search the truth. This is why when we talk about the Altar of God, it is necessary that we see how it works, and it is some kind of trampoline to the Holiest Place and then beyond the Holiest Place. This is why it is necessary to know that the gospel is not a cheap religion as the world tries to makes us believe. Thank God that He left His servants according to His heart with the purpose of building altars and that that teaching to guide us in our spiritual life to do it to please God ́s heart.

Pro 2:11 KJ2000 KJ2000 Discretion shall preserve you, understanding shall keep you:

We will start this study with the previous verse, with which we can understand that in life it doesn ́t matter what we do but why we do it; it doesn ́t matter that arrived to the congregation but why we did it, because, it could be that the church became a point of reunion or to make business and worship God. It could be that we went to the church because we didn ́t have anything else to do and then we are losing the opportunity to be edified by the Word of God because we are only filling a space of time in our life. In such way; based in the previous verse of Proverbs 2:11 we could see that if our initiative of going to the church is good; it will dive us to advance in the knowledge of what we have to do.

Of course that it could be that someone has an initiative with evilness, but that will not drive him to a positive point under God ́s will. Let us see next some man who built altars, some of them with good initiative and other with a wrong one.

With a good initiative

1. Noah
2. Abram
3. Abraham

4. Isaac
5. Jacob
6. Moses
7. Joshua
8. Gideon
9. Samuel 10. David
11. Solomon 12. Elijah
13. Manasseh 14. Jesus

With a wrong initiative

  1. Aaron

  2. Balaam

  3. Ruben, Gad

  4. Saul

  5. Ahab

  6. Ahaz through Uriah

Noah – with a initiative of gratitude
Gen 8:20 KJ2000 And Noah built an altar unto the LORD; and took of every clean beast, and of

every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar.

Which was Noah ́s initiative? In some way we could say that having edified an altar to the Lord was in gratitude to God for saving them of the destruction of the world, but not only for saving him but his family too. This is why no matter the problem we might being going through, God will remember us to save us and keep us stand if we achieve to rest in Him because just like Noah in some time he could have thought that the Nephilim would return to Earth and that he would have to face them; however Noah trusted that if God had saved him from the flood, He would be powerful to save him from all that could reach him and his family in the future.

In contradiction to the right initiative of Noah we find that Aaron built an altar with a golden calf for the people to worship, because they had deviated and they wanted a god that he could see. Aaron built an altar, but, what was his initiative? Because he was there with Moses when God sent them to set the people free, sadly he soon forgot all that he had seen as the way that God saved him, of course that he had the pressure of the people, but, Could be stronger the pressure of the people than the gratitude to God for all the He has done for us? Never, we must never forget what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us, none human could do that for us ever.

The rest will help us to build and altar, How could we have rest? Trusting in God in all moment and no matter what we could be living, we can be sure that we won ́t be forgotten half way of the valley of shadow and death, because if He left His throne and became a man like one of us but without sin to die in a cross for us, Could He forget about us? God won ́t leave us until He finishes to form us at His image in each one of us, He has propose to perfection us, let ́s only wait in God.

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